Treatment prices for neuromuscular blocking wrinkle reducing injections

Suitable treatment for brow lines, frown lines and crows feet

1 Area - £180
2 Areas - £215
3 Areas - £250

Dermal Fillers

Price per vial of product required - your Doctor will advise on likely requirements prior to any procedure and in most cases 1 per treatment will be required. Larger treatments such as nasolabial folds may require 2.

Restylane Vital

A series of small injections that rejuvenate the skin and help reduce the effects of sun damage.

Usually requires 2-3 courses several weeks apart - £180 per course


Restylane Lipp - £275 (Lip enhancement)
Restylane - £275
Restylane Perlane - £290 (for deeper lines and wrinkles)
Restylane Touch - £200 (for fine lines and wrinkles)

Some procedures may requires anaesthetic cream or injection to ensure minimal discomfort with no additional charge.

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